Photographs by Andrew Mandinach. One House Twice map designed by Erin Schneider.

One House Twice 2017

HomeLA & ENTER>text at the Richard Neutra VDL Research House

Reading of Richard & Dione Neutra's library in collaboration with dancers Emily Meister & Gema Galiana.


homeLA and ENTER>text present One House Twice at the Neutra VDL House in Silverlake

May 6th 2017: 4:00pm, 6:00pm, 8:00pm

ENTER>text and homeLA are pleased to announce a collaboration with the Neutra Studio and Residences (VDL Research House) culminating in an immersive performance event on Saturday, May 6th, 2017. Dance, literary, performance, installation and sound artists are currently developing new works in response to this distinctive architecture and National Historic Landmark.


Bernard Brown // Rebecca Bruno // Marco Franco DiDomenico // Morgan Green // Henry Hoke // Ashaki M. Jackson // Douglas Kearney // Mak Kern with Mona Tavakoli and Cary Gallagher// Emily Marchand // Emily Meister // Wendy C. Ortiz // Andrew Pearson // Priyanka Ram // Erin Schneider // Wilfried Souly // Emerson Whitney

Neutra VDL House

The Neutra Studio and Residences (VDL Research House) is associated with Richard Neutra, a nationally and internationally seminal figure of the twentieth century Modern movement in architecture. During the 1940s, as Neutra’s work evolved, he also became the well-recognized founder of mid-century “California Modern” architecture. The VDL Research House is the only property where one can see the progression of his style over a period of years and is among the key properties to understanding the national significance of Richard Neutra.

This year the Neutra Studio and Residences (VDL Research House) was named a National Historic Landmark.

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