Llano del Rio Collective: Utopias of So.Cal.  2014

Utopias of So.Cal. is an illustrated map and guide by the Llano del Rio Collective. to historic and current utopian colonies, communes and intentional communities based in Southern California.

Groups include Llano del Rio, Unarius, The Little Landers, The Source Family; 1880s socialist desert commune, the first African American township in California, Theosophist factions, and many others. The guide emphasizes the historic role of these utopias in defining California as an alternative visionary state, and the sites and architecture that were created for them.

The map contains reflections on the persistence of these colonies in our own utopian consciousness’  written by contemporary artists, filmmakers, and writers: Robby Herbst, Sandra De La Loza, David Frantz, Janet Sarbanes, Mady Schutzman, Jodie Willie and the Women’s Center For Creative Work (WCCW). This guide, like all Llano Del Rio guides, is free and available to residents of LA county through the mail around town.

Utopias of So.Cal. was organized, written & illustrated by Erin Schneider with the Llano Del Rio Collective. Print design by Content Object.


Magic Mountain. Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, Lecture & Hike. 2015.

L.A. Times. Avenue 50 Studio, Highland Park.  2015.

Llano del Rio Collective Santa Monica Museum of Art Residency. 2014.